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Emily leads ScreenCraft Writers Summit

The ScreenCraft Writers Summit was a great success! For the third year in a row, Emily led the team that brought Oscar and Emmy-winning screenwriters, TV Showrunners, Executives from movie studios, agents and more to Atlanta for three days of workshops, panels and parties.

Close to 500 aspiring writer, panelists and volunteers came together at the Georgian Terrace hotel. It was a sell-out crowd, with incredible energy and inspiration in the room!

Moderating "The Secret Panel" was a highlight! A packed crowd came to hear Steven E. de Souza (Die Hard, Commando) and Oscar-nominee Meg LeFauve (Inside Out) share their thoughts on packaging and the WGA.

Elizabeth also joined the Summit, speaking on a panel about independent film, podcasting and resources for the indie creator, called "How To Get Your Sh&t Made".

The 2020 Writers Summit will be in Chicago with an incredible lineup, come join the fun!

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