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Elizabeth, Rome and MIA Market

Elizabeth was in Rome this weekend participating in the MIA Market, a film, TV and documentary market for the audiovisual industries. With participants from all over the globe, against the incredible beauty and history of Rome, it was a fantastic few days.

Elizabeth was present as a producer and as the Chair of the International Committee for the Producers Guild of America, alongside other PGA luminaries Gary Lucchesi (Million Dollar Baby, Lincoln Lawyer, Underworldfranchise) and Gale Anne Hurd (Terminatorfranchise, "The Walking Dead").

MIA is the first Italian market converging all the segments of the audiovisual industry (Film | Drama Series | Doc). With over 1500 professionals from 58 countries participating to each edition, MIA is a valuable platform for the top players of the national and international film industry such as producers and distributors of high-end content: a hub where theatrical deals and transnational TV series start, and a place where to establish and reinforce business relationships between global market leaders.

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