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Directing and Producing a PLAY!

The Dell Sisters finished 2019 bringing a PLAY to life!

Directed by Emily Dell and produced by Elizabeth and Angela Pedraza, the inaugural Screencraft Theater Lab production by playwright Cristina Luzárraga, "La Mujer Barbuda" debuted Dece​mber 12, 2019 at the Second Stage at the Blank Theatre with lots of writers and industry professionals in attendance.

“La Mujer Barbuda”, by Cristina Luzárraga, was the winner of the inaugural 2018 ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition, and ran for three nights to rave reviews and a packed house of writers and industry professionals.

“La Mujer Barbuda” is a darkly comic take on the timeless struggle between motherhood and self-empowerment as a woman. The play follows the parallel narratives of a 17th-century woman who overnight grows a beard, a “mujer barbuda,” and a modern-day airline pilot trying to balance motherhood and her professional identity.

See more details and quotes from Emily and Cristina in the press release here.

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