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Elizabeth in Georgia and Finland!

Following a successful trip to the MIA Market, Elizabeth remained in Europe to visit two potential filming locations: Tbilisi, Georgia and Helsinki, Finland. Both were incredible countries with robust and creative film communities.

Georgia was an extraordinary blend of European, Asian, and Soviet. Sitting in the Silk Road, Georgian culture is blends elements from all its trading partners into a unique and captivating whole.

There was lots of traveling around the capital region, from hillsides and gardens to old soviet factories (with hardhats and tour guides!). As a guest of Women in Film Caucuses and Enterprise Georgia, Elizabeth was also privileged to present a master class on Producing and Hollywood.

After Georgia, it was on to Finland, also researching locations and looks for the same project. From the Black Sea all the way North to the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland.

Winter had arrived in Helsinki and it was gorgeous (but very cold).

The scouting was amazing, including Russian churches, an island Zoo and waterfronts with Icebreaker ships too massive to understand in a photo.

Once again, Elizabeth was able to meet with filmmakers, this time in a small Q&A session at the Finnish Film Foundation. She was also able to meet an Olympian (Toni Nieminen, ski-jumper extraordinaire).

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